Functional Footwear for Healthy Strength Training

If you're planning on developing muscle mass and strength, then weight training is certainly the way forward. However, it's not just as simple as turning up to the gym and grabbing the heaviest pair of dumbbells you can find. A lot of thought and preparation needs to go into your posture and lifting technique and, as any good podiatrist will tell you, your footwear and lower body flexibility. Ensuring your body has a solid base from the ground up can reduce the risk of knee and ankle problems, whilst helping to protect your back in a variety of different ways. [Read More]

Could Your Child Have Sever's Disease?

Sever's disease is a foot condition that can affect children during their adolescent growth spurt. It's a painful heel injury and is typically seen in children who are very physically active. In children, the growth plate in the heel is in two sections that are joined by cartilage, and these two sections join together and harden when children stop growing. Sever's disease causes the cartridge between the two sections of the growth plate to become inflamed. [Read More]

What's Good for the Heart May Not Be Good for the Feet

Frequent training at the gym is clearly beneficial to your fitness but not always for your feet. Wearing the same gym shoes every day leads to a build up of bacteria, which not only causes foot odour, but also contributes to a number of different foot conditions that can cause embarrassment and discomfort. There should be a qualified podiatrist in your local medical centre, and if you find that you're suffering with any of the following conditions, it's advised that you visit sooner rather than later, before the conditions become difficult to treat. [Read More]

Curing Fungal Nail Infections with Essential Oils

If you're a regular gym goer and suffer from thick, brittle or yellow nails, you may be suffering with Onychomycosis, otherwise known as fungal nail infection. Anyone can get a nail infection, however people who frequently wear sweaty trainers may be at higher risk, due to the warm, damp conditions that surround the toes. Whilst some conditions are certainly liveable and may require no treatment, if it causes pain when you walk or trim the nail, or leads to feelings of self-consciousness then professional help from a registered podiatrist is advised. [Read More]