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Why It Is So Important You Make Sure Your Older Relatives Get To See A Podiatrist

Your feet are one of the most important and used parts of your body that most people rely on to get about their day virtually for their entire life. However, as you get older your feet do begin to change in some noticeable ways. Still, it can be a touchy subject to try to get your elderly relatives to go to the podiatrist, which is the name for the healthcare workers who deal with feet. Here are three reasons why it is essential for your grandparents, parents or even your older friends to see a podiatrist at least once every few months.


You may not realise this but your nails become much tougher and thicker as you get older, and this fact combined with the loss of some motor function in your hands can make cutting your own nails dangerous. Many older Australians simply avoid cutting their nails for as long as possible, because when they do try it they injure themselves or make it worse. A podiatrist can help with this problem, either by cutting the nails themselves or by providing solutions to the main concerns your elder relative or friend has. This can radically change the lifestyle of older Australians in just one simple step.

Arthritis Pain Relief

Arthritis is a common condition that affects the joints in all areas of the body. Since the foot has quite a lot of bones, and corresponding joints between those bones, arthritis will often present itself in the foot. Pain relief is essential when that occurs, and this can be done through the introduction of various exercises as well as medicine if required. If your relative is constantly complaining about sore feet or arthritis then encourage them to take steps to ease their suffering and to go and see a nearby podiatrist.

Specialised Footwear

When you are younger most people have quite a healthy amount of cushioning on the bottom of their feet, and these feet pads make walking very easy in almost any type of footwear. However, at a certain point, these pads will flatten out and become much thinner, leading to far more sensitive feet. If you notice your relative struggling to walk easily for more than a few steps then you may suggest that they get some better footwear. Their bones will thank you for this, and a podiatrist can help in choosing out the best possible option.

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