Dancing on my toes

Stand up all Day? How to Deal With the Repercussions

Do you spend a lot of time standing on your feet at work? Some people cannot avoid this if they have a certain type of occupation but, unfortunately, this type of activity can lead to issues with the feet. If you're suffering from heel pain under these circumstances then it may indeed be linked to your job, so what should you know in order to deal with the problem?

Plantar Fasciitis

Many people in your situation will suffer from a condition known as plantar fasciitis. This is linked to pain that is felt predominantly on the bottom of the foot, towards the inside arch and next to the heel. It is often associated with a short, sharp pain that may be more in evidence first thing in the morning or when you get up after a period of rest. Unfortunately, if you are a little overweight as well, then you may be particularly susceptible to this condition.

Stretching Exercise

You can help relieve some of the worst symptoms by stretching your foot in a certain way. Place the heel of the affected foot diagonally across your other leg and, when comfortable with your posture, grab the toes of the affected foot with your opposite hand. Gently pull backwards and towards you to stretch the muscles out, as this may help to relieve some of the inflammation.

Custom Solutions

You may also be able to get custom orthotics to put into the shoes that you wear to work. These will have a specially designed heel that can help to spread the pressure more evenly and take it away from the centre of the heel. The orthotic will also have a support piece to help stabilise the arch of the foot and which can also relieve the soft tissue pressure.

You may even be able to get special types of footwear custom made for you. These can be used in association with a custom orthotic for maximum relief.

Don't Do This

Some people may be tempted to kick off their shoes altogether when they are suffering from this type of affliction, as they may feel much better if they go barefoot. Unfortunately, this can be counterproductive as you will only be able to relieve the symptoms if you wear a supportive pair of shoes.

Reaching out

Don't suffer foot pain in silence and think that it will somehow get better. Talk with a podiatrist instead as they are professionals in this matter. They will be able to suggest a course of action or prescribe a set of inserts that will help you to get the right amount of relief.