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Three Crucial Considerations for Footwear Insole Selection

Shoe insoles (also called orthotics) are beneficial if you are prone to foot pain. These products will provide proper foot support and minimise the stress and pressure exerted when walking or standing. It is also advisable to acquire insoles if you are planning on taking up activities which involve high feet impact such as running and tennis. In addition, these elements are beneficial for restoring the comfort of old shoes. If you are planning on purchasing insoles for the first time, you should consider the below-outlined factors before choosing the ideal inserts.

Insole Size

You should check the sizing of different insoles on the market before purchase. In general, the sizes are denoted as a range of shoe sizes. The size range indicates the footwear sizes in which the insole can be comfortably used. However, you should note that you will need to trim the insole to fit into your shoes in most cases. If you are looking for an insole that perfectly matches your foot size, you should consider looking for a specialty shop which deals with orthotic inserts. These dealers can customise an insert to ensure maximum comfort.

Foot Arch

You should consider the arch of your foot before purchasing an insole for your shoes. If you choose the wrong product for your arch type, you will probably experience a lot of discomfort. In fact, the pain that you experienced due to poor footwear might become more intense instead of getting better. There are three distinctive types of arches, and you can choose the most suitable for your foot. The neutral arch insole is perfect for individuals with a medium foot arch. If you have a flat foot or low or fallen arches, you should look for a matching insole to raise and support the middle of the foot. You will also find insoles designed for high arches.


You should evaluate and compare the different materials used to fabricate footwear insoles before choosing the ideal product. The right choice should depend on factors such as your comfort, preference and budget. Foam will ensure that your feet are cushioned and supported for optimal comfort, while gel offers the best shock absorption. You can also purchase cork or leather insoles if you like the high support and unique feel.

If you have been experiencing pain in your feet after walking, running or performing other physical activity, you should consult a qualified podiatrist. The discomfort could be an indicator of an underlying problem, and immediate treatment might be required for ideal health.