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Top 5 Healthy Tips for Runners

Running has been the easiest and most practical form of exercise for most people. It is a great way to work out while at the same time getting some air and clearing your head. But did you know you can get serious injuries from running? Here are top 5 tips from the world-class podiatrists for healthy running;

Invest in Right Footwear

There are right and wrong shoes for running, and getting it wrong will cause you tremendous pain in your joints, muscles, and tendons. The best running shoes should be lightweight, with excellent arch support and comfortable insoles to absorb shock. It's always best to buy your running shoes from a specialist shop or to get a podiatrist to recommend one and also give you some insoles so your feet can be comfortable and well supported.

Stretch Regularly

Running causes your muscles to tighten and shorten, increasing the risk of strains. A 15-minute stretch before running will relax your muscles and increase blood flow to the muscles. Appropriate stretching before any rigorous workout like running will play a huge role in preventing injuries and sprains.

Run Often

The best advice for beginners is that you should not run for a very long distance because your body and especially feet are not used to the strain, and you could get an injury. Running should be a regular thing that is done 4 to 5 days a week so that your body is in good shape. If for some reason you haven't been running for a while, start slowly for a short distance and then gradually increase your distance over time.

Eat Right

Running takes a lot out of someone, and you need plenty of fuel and fluids to keep going without damaging your muscles. Stock up your diet with a lot of protein every day and increase your water intake as well. It's critical to replenish your stock after running, so always have a protein shake or fruit juice with you to drink after the run.

Take Care of Your Feet

Running puts a lot of tension on your muscles and feet. Be sure to get a professional foot massage after a race or every few months to remove toxins and repair muscles. A massage releases the pressure and relaxes your feet after a run.

A runner should see a podiatrist twice a year to check if the feet are okay and also get recommendations for shoes, orthotics, and other items. Podiatrists will also help to treat injuries and provide advice on how to prevent such occurrences again.